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There are many of reasons why it is a good idea to take your business online, to name few:1. Enhance Business Credibility Nowadays, with the internet evolution, if your Business does not exist online, it is more prone to losing credibility and competition in market place. 2. Enhance PR Having 24/7 access to important information about your business, contact info, products list …etc is a very powerful PR tool that your business can benefit from. Also, having free useful information for your clients’ knowledge enrichment makes your website a valuable community resource; which means that more traffic will be driven to your website. 3. Increase Profit Having more online traffic leads to more profit! 4. Interesting Statistics According to yahoo search engine, “88% of adults who purchase items online conduct some sort of online research at least sometimes prior to completing their purchase.” Accordingly, US businesses’ online marketing increased by 23.3% and newspaper marketing dropped by 0.9% in the past year – according to Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2006 (Source: Nielsen Monitor-Plus). Also, “Online Retail Spending is expected to grow from $877 per US consumer in 2005 to $1,512 in 2009 – Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2006. All the above figures show that being online actually enhances businesses reputations and most importantly brings profit. Also, considering the fact that these numbers are expected to increase in the following years, it is time to start the online investment (For online investment tips, click here).

Last, but not least, another powerful statistic that you need to be aware of is the number of searches conducted on a specific key word every month. Here is a Tabulated example: Keyword: RestaurantsSearch Count in Feb 2007: 8,209,545 Keyword: Cell PhonesSearch Count in Feb 2007: 4,181,697 Keyword: InsuranceSearch Count in Feb 2007: 3,148,492 Keyword: Real EstateSearch Count in Feb 2007: 3,057,037 Keyword: MortgageSearch Count in Feb 2007: 1,703,104 Keyword: Title CompanySearch Count in Feb 2007: 215,593Search Count: is the number of searches done on that specific word or topic This digit reflects the volume of potential clients that your business can have once it is provided with the right Web Solution. A successful web solution is attractive website design that stands out and is coded with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Applying SEO to your website gives it a higher chance to be listed in the first page of search engine results when a related key word is typed. In other words, your business will be exposed to millions of people every month – as shown in the table above.

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Are you starting your own home business online and wondering how anyone will know about it? You could spend money advertising, but why? Use article marketing–a totally free way you can gain traffic, build a list, establish yourself as an expert, create back links to your web site so you raise your Google rank, and make money.Phew! That’s a lot of heavy lifting. Sounds hard, doesn’t it?It’s not. Can you write a grocery list? You can write an article.To start with, you need good keywords. Your grocery list has keywords. Milk, bread, cat food. Those are broad keywords, generic notations instead of specific brands you grab because you know what you bought before and liked.

If you write Sealtest Rocky Road ice cream, that’s a long tail keyword. It’s more specific. If you wrote a pint or half gallon, that’s more specific yet.That kind of long tail keyword is similar to a phrase that enters your customer’s mind when she has a problem and Googles for a solution. Your job is to be a step ahead of her. Write an article (or more) for each keyword, give her good information she needs, then provide a link to your business for the complete solution to her problem.Easier than falling down a hill, right? Here’s a specific example:If she types “speed up Windows XP” and you sell a registry cleaner, you want YOUR article to pop up. If it contains her keyword phrase, it will. If it has a great title she can’t resist, she’ll read it. If it tells her some steps to speed it up and suggests she click your link for a fast, easy clean up, ta-da! You just got traffic and maybe even a sale.

Now make a grocery list of article titles with keywords for your product or service. Pick one, write your first article and submit it to EzineArticles.com. Congratulations! You’ve started advertising your online home business for free with article marketing.